Why Oncology?

Oncology comes from the Greek word onkos meaning “tumor” and the suffix logy meaning “to poke at.” Oncology involves the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and covers everything from statistical research to palliative care.

I got interested in oncology for selfish reasons—to stay alive—but why do the people on the other end of the stethoscope choose such a demanding and draining field? I asked my oncologist that.

Dr. Dax Kurbegov is the Director of the Memorial Cancer Clinic here in Colorado Springs. I DO NOT RECOMMEND getting cancer, but if it gets you, I hope you have someplace like the Memorial Cancer Clinic nearby. The entire staff is well-trained and wonderful.

Dr. Dax is a top hematologist-oncologist with a quick smile, a keen mind and excellent taste in patients. I interviewed him as part of a project to put some of my story on YouTube, with the help of my friends Dave and Harriet. In the video I’m the one with the shiny head, which is the good doctor’s fault but I don’t hold it against him. The picture is a bit squeezed because we’re still trying to figure out the hi-def compression ratios.

Stay tuned for more videos.

One thought on “Why Oncology?

  1. Mike,

    I don’t know if you remember me but I asked you a ton of ???’s about NHL when my husband was diagnosed in early Feb. We lost him in late March and you sent me a wonderful email at the time.

    Just wanted you to know that I am still following your progress and praying hard for your transplant to “take hold” as well a just praying for you and your family in general.

    Thanks for all you do to educate and make us all laugh 🙂


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