Then and Now

A few people who are facing bone marrow transplants have written or called to ask about the Central Venous Catheter, a.k.a. Hichman Line. I had the tri-luminal variety installed in March and removed in July with no problems.

central venous catheterThe Hickman is a small but formidable piece of hardware to be dangling from one’s chest but it is essential equipment for a transplant. It also saves wear and tear on the ol’ arm veins during chemo. And once it’s removed you quickly return to normal.


Okay, this is my stunt double. Here’s the current condition of my real chest. The red dot isn’t a pimple; it’s the scar.


While I’m trotting out photos, here’s a hair update:

Turtle head

Fuzz headLooks like my ears shrunk! Weight-wise, I’ve gained back half of the 18 pounds I lost. Everything else has pretty much returned to normal, for which I give thanks daily.

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