Tough Break

On my way to the doctor’s yesterday a car pulled in front of me and introduced me to my air bag. I made the rest of the trip in an ambulance with the other driver, who is okay.

Turns out I have a broken back (compressed fractures of vertebrae T2 and L5) and a fractured sternum; all of which are very painful but should heal without surgery. I’ll be in a body brace for the next three months whenever I’m not in bed.

Body Brace

Tough break , but it could have been a lot worse.


8 thoughts on “Tough Break

  1. Mike,

    Dave and I are praying for you and we, too, view your positive attitude in the midst of pain and hardship a testimony to your faith and character. We know you feel the love and support of Susan and the rest of the family. We are so sorry for the long recovery ahead, but, yes . . . thank the Lord that it was not worse!

    Debbie and Dave

  2. oh Mike – I truly am sorry. I felt like saying “snap” but maybe not. Same circumstances here. Just 3-4 months after I had completed treatment for cancer, I have my car accident. I fractured my sternum too which makes laughing and coughing a lot of fun. Am now a month out from my last surgery and I am truly thankful to God for a successful surgery. My pelvis is now stabilized so the constant and debilitating pain is gone -yippee!! Still confined to my wheelchair for another 4-6 weeks but hey, will be walking in time for Luke’s wedding (Nov 21st). My idea re wearing heels is not going down well with Geoff and my surgeons. Go figure. Take care Mike and hang in there. My love to you and Susan – you guys continue to be in my thoughts & prayers

  3. Mike – we’re just so shocked and sad to hear this news. We will continue to hold you up in prayer, amigo. Hang in there! Vasbyt! Our heart goes out to Susan too – praying for you both.

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