Clothes Make The Man

I need a name to go along with my new superhero outfit. I have to wear this body armor for the next few months until my bones heal. It’s BB-proof, water resistant and improves the figure.

I also need ideas as to what super powers I should work on. Already I have mastered good posture, going up and down stairs, and making Darth Vader noises.

Send your suggestions as comments to this post.

New Superhero

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Do keep Susan in mind as she bears the brunt of my shenanigans. She’s the real superhero!


8 thoughts on “Clothes Make The Man

  1. well mike, after talking to herb about your new superhero name, he came up with “wheezing geezer”….but i think that sounds like one of the polka bands mom and dad use to listen to when we were growing up. it’s kinda katchy though:)
    and chris thinks that “vertebral wonder” needs to be considered too. we’re brainstorming over ice cream. glad you can’t hear all the derogatory names that would be fun to poke fun at you with.
    how about …………….
    t-bone hamel (teehee)
    mishappen mike
    the gasping geezer
    the vintage whiner
    the courageous codger
    the geriatric “no” getter
    the spinal stud muffin
    the grand poobah of posture
    susans’ sugar shackle
    the sternal maniac
    thoracic thunder
    lumbering lumbar man
    lumbar jack (you’d have to change your name)
    minister of mischief
    mayhem magnet man
    king of krunch
    duke of disaster
    t2 terminator
    l5-t2 hahahahahahaha(instead of r2d2)
    hurricane hamel
    morophine muncher
    percocet popper
    gramma-ramma-jamma (that’s a good un’)

    well, we are almost done amusing ourselves with your ailment………hope you make it thru the night with little pain…..luff you bro.
    herb-n-kathy-n-amanda-n-chris-that’s all

  2. okay big brother, here’s my donation for a superhero name…..”Captain Crunch”
    of course, that refers to the noise your bones make when you breath.
    it’s time for you to rest and let the fan aim it’s ammo toward someone else.
    we’re very thankful you survived without permanent damage…..we love you mike

  3. Josh and I came up with some names for you…

    Josh – “Captain Cripple”

    Jennifer – “Traction Transformer”

    After thinking of these we have decided we watch way to many cartoons with Joey 🙂

    Get Well Soon

    Love You,

    Jennifer, Josh and Joey

  4. What a relief to “hear” your sense of humor resounding from the page! “Darth Vader noises” — now that communicates a bundle. What a literal groaner — for you, obviously, but for Susan too, as you so kindly mention. We still hope to get your way this fall. I’m sure by then you will be very agile in your new outfit!

  5. Geez, Mike. Sorry you have to live like that, even if it is temporary.

    You look like I used to when armoring up for an SCA event with leather fighting gear wrapped around the body (Bet yours works better, tho!)

    Quick healing. Hi to Susan.


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