Just Grand


The kids have been over this weekend and I’ve enjoyed the family time. I have three grandkids with two more on the way. (Alan and Julie are in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia.) The youngest, Zack, stayed with us overnight while Nate and Jenn celebrated her birthday. I can’t hold him at the moment but he sure is cute to look at.


You don’t appreciate grandkids until you have your own and then they take center stage. They colorize the memories of what we experienced with our own children so long ago. Grandkids remind us of the sheer joy of being alive and discovering everything for the first time: walking, running, speaking, singing, smiling, laughing.

Grandkids are,

  • our children’s way of thanking us for letting them live to adulthood.
  • why we must do something about global warming, the healthcare system and the federal debt.
  • the subject of all photos taken after their arrival. Henceforth, other family members are only photographed if they happen to be nearby.
  • a special line-item in the family budget over which Papa has no veto power.
  • in need of undivided attention at times and unconditional love always, even when they spill grape juice on the carpet.
  • the ones who will help determine the fate of humanity . . . and help decide where Nana and Papa will spend their dotage.

GRAND-parenting is a high calling. It involves spoiling children without making them spoiled brats. It provides a second chance to use the parenting skills we learned by trial and error. It is the best investment we can make in the world to come.

And should we be blessed to live long enough to see our grandkids have children, the little darlings are called GREAT-GRAND-kids.

Great Grandkids

Which is exactly what they are.


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