Goodnight Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray the Lord my back to keep.
For I am weak without my brace
and needful of unmoving grace.

My sternum and my spine agree,
there’s very little room for me
to wander from the narrow way;
I may not stir, I must not stray.

For if I twist or turn or strain,
this causes me no little pain
and I give voice to yelps and groans,
the protest of my fractured bones.

Once down I can’t get up to pee;
a handheld urinal, that’s the key.
It’s not a problem in the dark;
so long as I don’t miss the mark.

Night by night my health improves,
which makes it easier to snooze.
To be at peace, this is God’s will;
as meted out by sleeping pill.

Calmly I recline and rest,
no turtle shell on back or breast.
Despite the hurt it’s not that grim,
for Susan’s here to tuck me in.

3 thoughts on “Goodnight Prayer

  1. Yes, you are a blessed and lucky bloke to have Susan to tuck you in! (There was an *old man called Michael Hamelegan, who left the hospital, then went back in a’gan…) That’s all I’ve got for now…
    Vasbyt! Hang in there. (*apologies)

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