Getting Physical

Bumper cars

This is why I have a physical therapist coming by the house twice a week. Kelly Haddock is helping my body deal with the trauma of the crash and get on with the healing process. The human body is one complicated marvel of physical machinery.

Loosening the back thru the front

It doesn’t help that my injuries are incompatible. I’m in a body brace for my back but a fractured sternum usually isn’t wrapped or placed in any type of restraint because, “It is believed that the best healing occurs when you are able to breathe and move regularly rather than in a restricted manner.”

My back is tight and the pain is a dull ache. My sternum is tender and doesn’t hurt unless I annoy it; and then the pain is acute. Here’s a list of normal activities in increasing order of painfulness from “no sweat” to “just shoot me”:

  • hug
  • walk
  • sit
  • stand
  • yawn
  • laugh
  • get in and out of bed
  • isometric exercises
  • burp
  • hiccup
  • cough
  • sneeze

I see the trauma surgeon on Tuesday and hope to get a better idea of my long-term prognosis and treatment. That’s two weeks from the accident; I hope the car ride isn’t too taxing.

Have a relaxing holiday weekend everyone!

Vulcan sleeper hold

2 thoughts on “Getting Physical

  1. Oh, my, what a wreck! (The car, not you!) Although you might feel that way, especially when you sneeze. I can’t imagine how painful that must be. Here’s to no sneezing!

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