What’s Up, Doc?

I was supposed to be in Denver yesterday for the first follow-up visit with my bone marrow transplant doctor. Instead I saw the trauma surgeon who treated me after my auto accident. He told me to go see the orthopedic surgeon who saw me in the emergency room, which I will do tomorrow.

Today, after my physical therapist leaves, I go to my oncologist. (Who’s going to pay all these people!) This is more of a courtesy call and to get my blood checked. There’s no way to tell what’s happening on the cancer front without a proper PET scan and I can’t get one of those until my innards heal.

The accident has proven more painful and debilitating than the cancer. My work day is much shorter; so is my attention span. The body brace hurts about as much as the conditions it is correcting. It turns into a torture device by the end of the day. Thankfully I don’t have to sleep in it.

I’m not one to complain so we’ll just call this “sharing.”


4 thoughts on “What’s Up, Doc?

    1. Mimi – thanks for keeping track of my blog and praying for me. I don’t know how you do it with all you have on your plate.

      I’ve been slowly catching up on stuff and am half done with the review copy of your book. I know what the writing process takes and heartily commend you on your finished product. Way to go!

      Half-baked thoughts:

      Being a male reader I prefer more “tension” in my stories. What’s at stake? What’s the problem/threat? How are the main character(s) in danger, and what do they need to do to “save the day?”

      I know it worked for Harry Potter, but the school setting is a bit tame for me as well. Details of F.A.I.R.I.E. education are more background information in my opinion. But then again, your book seems to be more about a different environment (alternate reality) than a taut suspense novel, so your readers may relish the detail and be fine with the pacing.

      Having said this, I enjoy the imaginative settings, the diversity of creatures, and how friendships develop among them. I suspect these friendships will be key in how the story plays out. We’ll see if I’m right 🙂

      Press on, Mimi.


      —– Original Message —–

  1. I was just thinking yesterday how I needed to get in touch with you and wondered how you were progressing. I didn’t know about your accident. Injury added to Insult (added to con-sult). Thank you for sharing..

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