Sock It To Me

It’s been four weeks since my accident and for the first time since then I put my socks on without the aid of a mechanical device.

Yesterday I saw the physical injury physician who will be in charge of my recovery treatment. She’s encouraged that I don’t have more pain and will start working with me more aggressively once I get out of this brace. I’m going to call my orthopod to see if I can get time off my incarceration for good behavior.

For now, I’m supposed to walk as much as I can. I can also exercise with light weights (3-5 pounds). I hope this will give me more energy as I run out of gas by the afternoon and have trouble getting anything done that involves concentration or creativity.

Tomorrow I go to another new doctor, this one a GP. In the past year I’ve seem more docs than a Japanese freighter. I’m thankful for their skill and helpfulness but could do with a little less face time.

No matter how you feel about the health care debate, the current system is certainly out of whack.

Take Home Gear

Here are four pieces of take-home gear and what each cost:

Sock-aid = $107.50
Breath Tester = $107.50
Reacher = $116.25
Long-handled Sponge = $24.50

And the body brace? Would you believe $2,457?

Body Brace

5 thoughts on “Sock It To Me

  1. Glad you still have your sense of humor. 🙂
    It’s true that our health system is out of whack, but the way our leaders are working on this seems to me like it will end up even more out of whack. Frankly, it seems like the emphasis is on the 15% uninsured and not things like reducing costs on supplies or limiting all these silly lawsuits that raise malpractice insurance for Drs. or breaking down and looking carefully at what pharmaceutical companies charge or public education about going to urgent care clinics rather than emergancy for things like the common cold etc. In the meantime, while the debate continues, I am sure thankful you are more mobile these days, and here’s hoping your orthopod agrees that you have been a good enough boy to get out of that brace sooner! Sending love and prayers to you and Susan. . .

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing better, Mike. And Russ and I agree – the current health care system IS out of whack. Thanks for posting the prices of those items – some serious sticker shock there!

  3. after my accident, I got a wheelchair, bath chair, toilet chair, sleep apparatus, reacher, OT visits, hydrotherapy 3x/week and my meds, all for the princely sum of $0. Mike, you and Susan need to come and live in NZ for a while.

    Still, it’s a good looking brace :o)

    Take care & praying for you and Susan

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