The Big “O”

Two doctor reports this week; both of them good.

Oncologist – Dr. Dax gave me the results of my recent PET scan; the first since my bone marrow transplant in June. There are no signs of cancerous activity in my lymph nodes! The x-rays done at the time of my accident showed some lesions in my right lung, but these have shrunk since then so they’re probably related to the accident or an infection and not cancer.

Orthopedist – Dr. Do took another set of x-rays and says my back is healing fine. I can shed my body brace, which is a great relief. I can also resume driving—but not running. It’s been more than six weeks since I’ve been behind the wheel and I’m looking forward to being more mobile.

Osteopenia – X-rays and a bone density scan show I have osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis, which my mom had, which is probably where I got it, which also gets worse with age, which just means my bones fracture more easily.

Okay – on with life!

10 thoughts on “The Big “O”

  1. Hi Mike

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. My husband was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma around the same time as you. In my need for information, I searched the interent and came across your blog last fall.

    Your writing has helped me deal with this thing called cancer. You have made me laugh and cry and have put things into perspective for me.

    I have prayed for you for the past year and am so happy that you received good news.

    Keep writing!…it makes me think about things that I haven’t contemplated in a long time.

    On with life!


  2. Wonderful News Mike!
    My husband also got a great report when he met with his oncologist to discuss the results of his recent CT/PET scan: Since his last scan in April (and after a series of planned Rituxan maintenance treatments in June), he’s “steadily improving and still in remission.” Woo-hoo! We are thrilled and looking forward to our upcoming 2-week vacation later this month.

    Keep smiling and enjoying life,

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