Mixed Signals

The word “ambiguous” not only means doubtful or uncertain; it also denotes something that is open to more than one interpretation or that sends mixed signals. The Almighty is nothing if not ambiguous.

Most religions teach that God is incomprehensible, and then proceed to diagram him/her/it to the nth degree. They claim their sacred books clearly reveal his character and message. What they often ignore or discount are the discrepancies therein.

Take the Bible for instance: It portrays a God who is above mere emotions and yet at times is consumed by them; as when he sends a flood to wipe out humanity, or when he wants to destroy the Israelites in his anger but a more cool-headed Moses talks him out of it.

A God who abhors child sacrifice but orders Abraham to offer Isaac as a test of faith. A God who accepts Jacob’s consecration of a stone pillar at Bethel but later orders the destruction of all such sacred shrines. A God who decrees that children are not to be punished for the sins of their fathers but who requires the death of Achan’s sons and daughters because of his theft.

And then there is the ambiguity between the old and new testaments . . . read more.


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