Say What?

If you think what the scriptures say about God is confusing (see my page, The Ambiguous Almighty), you should read what the theologians and mystics have done with the Divine down through the ages. Here is a small sample:

For having become man . . . [God] himself remains completely incomprehensible . . . What could do more to demonstrate the proof of the divine transcendence of being that this? Revelation shows that it is hidden, reason that it is unspeakable, and intellect that it is transcendently unknowable. – Maximus the Confessor

God is known by knowledge and by unknowing of him there is understanding, reason, knowledge, touch, perception, opinion, imagination, name and many other things, but he is not understood, nothing can be said of him, he cannot be named. He is not one of the things that are, nor is he known in any of the things that are; he is all things in everything and nothing in everything. – Denys the Areopagite

If that than which nothing greater can be thought exists in the understanding alone, than this thing than which nothing greater can be thought is something than which a greater can be thought. And this is clearly impossible. [Therefore] there can be no doubt at all that this something greater exists both in the understanding and in reality. – Anselm’s great proof of God

When we know that something is, it remains to enquire in what way it is, so that we may know what it is. But since concerning God we cannot know what he is but only what he is not, we cannot consider in what way God is but only in what he is not. – Thomas Aquinas

For if you love God as he is God, as he is spirit, as he is person, and as he is image—all this must go! Then how should I love him? You should love him as he is nonGod, a nonspirit, a nonperson, a nonimagae, but as he is—pure, unmixed, bright ‘One’ separated from all duality; and in that One we should sink eternally down, out of ‘something’ into ‘nothing’. – Meister Eckhart


“Oh what a tangled web we weave
when of the Godhead we conceive.”
– Mike Hamel


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