2009 in Pictures, part 2

 Home and recovering

57th Birthday

I returned home from my transplant on July 7 too weak to do anything but try to avoid germs. A few weeks later I celebrated my 57th birthday with family, glad to be around for this one.

Bumper cars

Back in the hospital

Bedtime Routine

On the way to see my oncologist in August I was in an auto accident that broke my back, fractured my sternum and cracked a few ribs. Once again Susan went above and beyond the call to take care of me.

Family Vacation

At the White House

In the fall, we took a family vacation (I am the one in the body brace). Susan and I also went to Washington DC and sued the government in order to change the law affecting bone marrow transplants. It is the beginning of a long process.

Much to be thankful for

Me and the grandkids

Looking back over 2009 I am thankful for another year to enjoy family and friends. My last PET scan was clear and I’m hoping 2010 will be a much quieter year.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers; they have been a great help as I stumble toward heaven. 


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