The Blog Ahead

Last year I posted almost 30,000 words on this blog; all of them dipped in gold. Actually, blood, sweat and urine is more like it. This has been a triptik of my journey with cancer, with a serious car crash thrown in to add some action. I’m hoping the next stretch of highway will be more boring. My December PET scan was clear and my next one is in March. Survivability goes up if I can make it two years post bone marrow transplant.

With less daily drama, I will be making fewer entries but I will keep the blog active for those traveling after me. The information and insights herein cost me too much to let them fade away. I believe they will help others passing through the Valley of the Shadow.

As for me, I’ll use Facebook in 2010 to reflect on small bits of trivia and OPEN Mike for larger chunks of verbiage. I can’t stop writing because I made a choice a long time ago,

“Mama, when I grow up, I’m gonna be a writer.”
“Make up your mind, son, because you can’t do both.”
– Kinky Friedman

One thought on “The Blog Ahead

  1. Hi Mike! Just wanted to check in and wish you a happy new year. Here’s to a 2010 that is healthier for both of us.

    I, too, passed my 6-mo scan with flying colors and am feeling great. I’m so glad to see that you are clear and happy and looking forward. It is a great place to be!

    I’ve followed with interest some of your forays into advocacy, and I look forward to reading (as you feel compelled to share…I understand about winding down the cancer blog) about your next move.

    All the best.

    Jen Beckman

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