My Latest Book

I’ve started writing a new book along with the new year. The tentative title is Garden of the Odds. It’s the beginning of the Green Bees series.

Good fiction is 90% fact. I look for interesting historical incidents in the sea of information and lash them together into a plausible net with which to ensnare readers.

As with my Matterhorn books I don’t have a plot worked out in advance, just a premise to start with. I have a direction in mind but not a destination. I create characters and put them in precarious situations to see what they will do.

Here is my starting point,

The Green Bees are an e-club (environmental, not electronic) composed of six very bright high school kids in Colorado Springs. Their grandparents were part of a secret project begun during the Cold War, codename: Green Bees.

The Green Bees were part of the Weather Center at Cheyenne Mountain. They worked on a classified program trying to harness the weather using a network of satellites secretly put in orbit under cover of the Apollo missions. When the program was officially shut down in 1980, a cadre of military and intelligence officials kept it going as a black op. Their goal: to develop and deploy technology that would allow them to use weather as a weapon!

Several scientists protested the hijacking of their research. Some mysteriously vanished; others died in untimely “accidents.” A few scientists disappeared, taking critical pieces of technology and computer code with them. Because the project was top-secret, the families involved did not know what was happening, but in time, some became suspicious and started investigating. These early efforts grew into a network of amateur sleuths pitted against well-funded professionals who would stop at nothing to keep from being exposed—including murder!

What can six teens and a loose-knit network of conspiracy buffs do against a super-secret black op that not even the U. S. government knows about? Read the Green Bees books and find out!


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