Video Replay

May the best of the past
be the worst of the future. – Irish toast

Last night I felt like a quarterback watching film from a disastrous season full of crunching hits and near misses. Agai Sophia’s, the coffee shop where I write, hosted a fundraiser featuring a video about my cancer journey. The video was made by Harriet Lee and Dave Rickert, two of my cronies at Sophia’s. They did a fantastic job considering what they had to work with—me!

The video reviews the year from my diagnosis to transplant in about 20 minutes. I will post it on YouTube in several parts. Or you can order a DVD from me to pass along to anyone who may be facing the big C.

Cancer is only part of my story. Here are the brackets on either side:

[ – The month I was diagnosed, the company I worked for went bankrupt. I lost my job and wound up on unemployment and later on Social Security disability. I’m still scrambling for steady work.

– ] Six weeks after my stem cell transplant while driving to my first check-up I was in a serious car accident. I broke my back, fractured my sternum and cracked some ribs. I spent the next seven weeks in a body brace.

We didn’t include the accident in the video; we’re saving that for the sequel.

The best thing about the program last night is that it wasn’t a memorial. I was there to enjoy the show and answer questions.

There’s more to a season than a few tough games, more to a career than a hard season or two, more to life than a career.

Play on!


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