Turning Pro?

According to data from Technorati, there are:

  • 113 million blogs, 7.5 million of which are active,
  • 175,000 new blogs created every day,
  • 184 million bloggers writing 570,000 posts daily, reaching 70% of web surfers.

The vast majority of these are considered “hobby” blogs as opposed to professional ones. OPEN Mike falls into the former category—although cancer isn’t a hobby I’d recommend. My blog doesn’t make money and I don’t spend time marketing it or trying to grow my readership.

Like most blogs, OPEN Mike grows out of, and feeds on, personal experience. From the beginning I have focused on three areas that are important to me:

  • cancer and healthy living
  • spiritual questions
  • writing as vocation

Those who originally came here were relatives or friends concerned about my health. They were followed by cancer patients and their families looking for firsthand information. But what lies ahead? Should I take it to the next level?

Can I grow my audience beyond these vested readers? What would it take to turn pro? In addition to spending more time and some money, I would probably need to:

  • narrow my focus – to which topic(s)?
  • increase the content – how many posts a week?
  • look for advertisers – what type of goods or services?

I’d love to hear what you think. Participate in my future by posting a comment.

PS – nothing extraordinary on my recent PET scan. I get checked again in June.


7 thoughts on “Turning Pro?

  1. I vote that you go pro with your blog. You have a lot of good things to say, you write them well and it appears you have a large following. My humble opinion is that you should continue to write about your faith, touching on your experience with cancer and healing –along the lines of ‘A Cancer Survivor Wrestles with Faith.’ Your posts on illness, health and healing are interesting and educational. And there are a lot of us out here who struggle with faith—maybe even closet doubters who turn to the internet to find not only answers but the company of fellow doubters so they don’t feel alone with their questions. Rilke wrote, ‘Learn to love the questions themselves.’ (After all, if you can’t doubt it, how can it be true?)

  2. Mike, in my focus on which direction your blog is going to take, I forgot to rejoice with you that your PET/CT was clean. Will keep praying that it will stay so. I have my next scan in about 2 months to see if the radiation got the last cancer spot. God bless.

  3. I would like to see more frequent discussion of spiritual questions and theological issues. In addition to that, include anything else that is on your mind enough to write about. Of course, this kind of thing can be hard work and time-consuming. It would be for me. I’m slow but I’m not very good.

    Mike Rogers

    1. Thanks, Mike. I like the idea of “discussion” but this will depend on readers being engaged enough to comment. For my part, I will try to facilitate this by posing more open-ended questions.

      We’ll see what happens.

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