The Return of Matterhorn

Matterhorn header

Summer is coming, and so is another Matterhorn Book Sale. This year I can offer the books at 50% off. That’s only $5 each, complete with autograph.

Even though AMG did not finish printing the series I have finished writing it. Books 7 and 8 are available as PDFs at the same low price. You can order all the books at my website and learn what happens to Matterhorn and the other Travelers.

Please tell all your friends about Matterhorn. The more books I sell the better my chances of finding a new publisher for the series.

“Parents, tell your kids to strap themselves in because they’re heading on an adventure!” – Mimi Baker, Wild Card Reviews

“One of our family’s all-time favorite action-packed series. Perfect for boys and girls ages 9 to 12. Highly recommended!” – David & Renée Sanford

You can read other reviews at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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