Volume Control

It’s human nature to crave both praise and pity. They are opposite ends of the same continuum—the need to be noticed (i.e., loved).

A few days ago at the coffee shop a lady commented on my sling. Not that she was impressed; she’s had 17 surgeries and counting.

Yesterday I compared my post-op pics with some shoulder surgery photos from Lance Armstrong’s book, Comeback 2.0:

Lances scar
Lance Armstrong's Scar

Metal collarbone
Armstrong's Metal collarbone

Ah, perspective. Celebrating victories and crying over injuries are fine. as long as we keep the volume at the appropriate level.


One thought on “Volume Control

  1. oohhhh, I have one of those pretty metal collarbones 🙂 Makes going through airport security interesting along with my pelvic metalwork.

    Hope all is going well with recovery Mike. Another year from now and you will have a lovely scar to show! I remember my father was very apprehensive about his heart surgery scar until Quinn told him that “chicks dig scars” 🙂 I am sure Susan “digs” yours!

    Take care and love to Susan

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