RIP – Recline In Peace

For the last month I’ve been spending my nights in a recliner. It hurts too much to lie flat for long, so a little angle is necessary to offset the pull of gravity. Still, the pain gets me up every hour or so to stretch and start over.

After the fact, I learned that rotator cuff repair is the most common surgery and one of the most painful and lengthy from which to recover. Not that I had much choice; surgery is the only way to fix a torn tendon.

The hardest part is the constant fatigue. There seems to be more to it than the lack of sleep. At times I feel more drained than during chemo. The doctors have checked me over and run some tests but can’t find an underlying cause.

On the bright side, today is the one-year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant. I get another PET scan tomorrow and will learn the results on the 22nd. If the cancer is coming back anytime soon there will probably be some indication.

As always, prayers are much appreciated.


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