Not The Last Word

My last post talked about genes as the starting point for cancer, but here’s the counterpoint— they don’t necessarily have the last word! Listen to what Dr. Servan-Schreiber—a cancer survivor himself—says in his helpful book, Anticancer:

All research on cancer concurs. Genetic factors contribute to at most 15 percent of mortalities from cancer. In short. There is no genetic fatality. We can all learn to protect ourselves.

People with cancer should not be fatalistic but realistic. The good doctor goes on to stress:

It must be stated at the outset that to date there is no alternative approach to cancer that can cure the illness. It is completely unreasonable to try to cure cancer without the best of conventional Western medicine: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and soon, molecular genetics.

At the same time, it is completely unreasonable to rely only on this purely technical approach and neglect the natural capacity of our bodies to protect against tumors. We can take advantage of this natural protection to either prevent the disease or enhance the benefits of treatment.

As I head into my third year with cancer, my survival strategy is threefold: advanced medical treatment, aggressive natural protection and all the prayer I can get from people like you. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Not The Last Word

  1. As far as genes go, I try to stick with Levi’s, they’re American made don’t ya know?

    🙂 ok ok I know that was corny.

    On a more serious note… I hope you are blessed with as much fun as you can handle this weekend and that you have a good 4th. May you be blessed with memories of previous 4th’s where you were more mobile and have many smiles this weekend.

    I think crap is a very good word sometimes.
    Being sons of itenerate preachers my cousin and I tried to invent sayings to keep ourselves from getting into any more trouble than came along naturally.

    We proudly came up with the saying…
    “Up an Unsanitary Tributary, without means of Motivation”

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