A Little More “Mo”

As in “chemo.”

I met with my oncologist and transplant surgeon on Tuesday to review my latest PET scan. A few areas of concern on my previous scan cleared up but a few lymph nodes are showing low-grade activity. There’s nothing large enough to biopsy or to give a clear diagnosis, but to be proactive I’m starting a four-week course of chemo next Thursday.

This will be with a the latest wonder-drug—Rituxan, which I’ve had before. It has minimal side effects other than making me a little more vulnerable to infection.

Rituxan is a “monoclonal antibody” that targets only specific cells, hence it is less toxic to healthy tissue. Rituxan focuses on a protein called CD20 located on the surface of B-cells. It stimulates the immune system to eliminate the CD20-positive, cancerous B-cells.

In six months I’ll repeat the Rituxan regime and get another scan. Hopefully it will be clean for Christmas.

3 thoughts on “A Little More “Mo”

  1. On Tuesday, my husband is getting his last (of 4) Rituxan treatments this month. In December he’ll get another 4 treatments.
    Good Luck to you with your treatments.

  2. Mike, I’m sympathetic. I’m in the hospital for 5 days right now getting some more chemo because my lymphoma has come back with a vengeance. I’m having R- EPOCH, and talking of having the radioimmunotherapy drug Bexxar (or Zevalin) following. Have been and will continue to pray for you. Mike Rogers

  3. Mike ~ Dave and I are praying that the low-grade activity was a nudge to get that chemo going early and attack the cells. So glad you had your scheduled appt.!

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