Involuntary Recidivism

Recidivism means “a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially relapse into criminal behavior.”

In my case it’s medical behavior. That’s why I’m back in the Memorial Cancer Center getting the first of four weekly Rituxan treatments. I hope it doesn’t make my fatigue worse.

Checking the Chemo

I’m getting more sleep but becoming more tired, which is so different from how I’m used to feeling. This is “can’t get up out of the chair” fatigue and if it doesn’t improve my oncologist will send me for some tests. What we’ve checked so far is perfectly normal.

Susan and I just welcomed our two newest grandkids into our home. They arrived from Ethiopia last night, along with a very weary Julie and Alan.

Life goes on . . .

Betti, Manny and Mommy

3:30 pm update: Feeling like crap would feel pretty good right now.

3 thoughts on “Involuntary Recidivism

  1. Kim and I felt honored to witness your family’s historic moment last week at DIA.

    We’re so sorry about the extreme fatigue. We will continue to pray about that.

    1. Glad you could be there. We’ll have to have you to the house sometime so you can see them in their natural environment 🙂

      Mike —– Original Message —–

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