Is That Your Father?

I’m back in the chemo clinic today and hoping for an easier time of it. Last week when we were here someone asked Susan if I was her father. The solace I take from looking older than her is that people may suspect I’m rich and she’s a trophy wife. I’m not rich but Susan is a prize beyond compare.

Old Enough To Know Better

I lost a few pounds this week as my nausea and fatigue continue. I’m trying to get an appointment with a GI doc to see if he can find a cause for my maladies but his earliest opening is in August. Right now I’m working on Plan B.

Meanwhile life goes on. Check out the pictures of our new grandkids. Our house is a busy place these days and it’s fun to watch Alan and Julie tackle their new roles as dad and mom. Tomorrow we’ll have all five grandkids over at once. I’m not sure we’re zoned for that!

One thought on “Is That Your Father?

  1. Thank you for commenting at today’s run … its so true. Everything you said is so true. I love your attitude, thank you for the inspiration today!

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