Celiac And Cow Farts

My tests came back negative for Celiac Disease, for which I am very thankful. Gluten is not the enemy in my case, which means I still need to find the cause of my malaise.

The next step is seeing a GI doc. IF he can’t find anything the fatigue and queasiness may just be the cumulative result of the last two years of trauma. In that case the only cure is time.

And healthy eating, which includes bucking the grisly macro-trend adversely affecting most Americans—eating too much red meat. Take a guess at how many pounds-per-person we consume before reading the next sentence.

270 pounds per year (as compared to the average Indian, who eats about 11 pounds).

So much meat consumption is bad for our bodies and worse for our planet. According to a 2006 United Nations’ report, one-third of Earth’s arable land is devoted to growing animal feed.

Animal farming is responsible for 65 percent of nitrous oxide emissions, a gas that contributes to global warming almost 300 times more than CO2. And the methane omitted by cows due to their high-corn diets contributes to global warming 23 more times than CO2.

That’s right; cow farts are doing more damage than car exhaust.

If you’re concerned about the environment and can’t afford a hybrid car, skip a few Big Macs. If you’re concerned about your own internal combustion engine, cut down on the carne.


5 thoughts on “Celiac And Cow Farts

  1. Perhaps we could be more moderate about eating red meat but in my humble opinion it is generally a healthy food (especially grass fed but that is harder to find). As far as its impact on our earth’s ecology; that is something I would like to explore. However, it is the sugary, highly processed foods pushed by big business food manufacturers filling up the middle aisles of our supermarket that make us sick and obese.

    1. It’s the government’s corn subsidies that have led to high fructose corn syrup being in everything.

      Have you seen the movie Food Inc. by any chance?

      Mike —– Original Message —–

  2. But the odd thing is, as I’m discovering in my research for my book, neither methane nor CO2 are causing global warming.

    But, they can’t really tax cow farts so they have focused on CO2.

    The person from the Apollo Institute Joel Rogers who is the mastermind behind Obama and Gore’s push for cap and trade and pushing global warming agenda, says “It doesn’t matter what we do about CO2 and methane, we just want to push cap and trade because we need the funds for our agenda”.

    over 2 trillion dollars have been funneled to global warming research by the US government, the majority of the scientists receiving these funds are from North Anglia University in Britain.

    Meat in general is bad for the colon and the system but if you eat it in moderation… Isn’t it funny how in so many ways we violate the word of God? Everything is supposed to be in moderation and it’s good for you but American’s including myself until recently have been basicly glutonous slobs. Even our children have become obese.

    Except for you Mike, I remember you’ve always been slender and tall.

    God bless you Mike

    The word cow farts made me laugh, I just don’t picture my former pastor saying the words cow farts he he he, you are so refined. 🙂

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