$1.7 Million More Reasons

. . . to worry about the cost of healthcare. Here’s a comment shared on my August 9 post:

When my husband passed 18 months ago from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma I got a bill from UCSF that came in a small BOX!!!! It was over 1.7 million dollars for 2 months in the hospital … My co-pay … $100. Thank the good Lord for my work insurance. Those that don’t get sick pay for those that do. What stinks is that those without insurance pay full price … insurance will only pay so much and the hospital has to take it. At least we had something!! It was bad enough to lose him at 39 without having to go bankrupt too!!!

The recently passed Healthcare Bill may be a start to fixing our medical system, but perhaps not a reassuring one as Dave Barry points out in his new book, I’ll Mature When I’m Dead,

The point is that our healthcare system is a terrible mess. It’s expensive, wasteful, ineffective, unresponsive, and infested with lawyers. Which is why there has been a big push in some quarters to place it under the management of the federal government.

This is like saying that if your local police department has a corruption problem, the solution is to turn law enforcement over to the Sorpranos .The rest of the country is not so thrilled about trusting their health care to the same government that produced, for example, the U.S. Tax Code

So to summarize the healthcare crisis:

  • Our current system for providing medical care is insane.
  • The majority of Americans understand that the federal government, if given the opportunity, would figure out a way to make it worse.
  • Therefore, the odds are that nothing will be done.

So your best bet, until further notice, is to do what 83 percent of all licensed American physicians do avoid medical care altogether. This means you need to stay healthy.

Great advice, if you can follow it.


One thought on “$1.7 Million More Reasons

  1. I am also nurse Mike…so I see this every day. Parents are deciding which shots to get for which of their children just in case insurance won’t cover it. The fraud rate for state sponsored healthcare coverage…aka Medi-Cal here in California, is HUGE! Just like with any insurance it’s hard to patrol. Perhaps getting stronger in that would be helpful too….cuz we all KNOW that the government is really good at detecting fraud! :o) Sorry…but this is kinda my soapbox issue.

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