Another Surgery???

Monday was my follow-up with the doctor who did my shoulder surgery four months ago. I’ve only recovered about 60% of my range of motion due to the formation of scar tissue. Dr. Weinstein says this level of adhesion only occurs in about 1% of patients. How lucky am I to be the Chosen One!

I’ll do six more weeks of aggressive physical therapy and if things don’t improve he can go back in and remove the scar tissue with a scalpel. Afterward I wouldn’t be immobilized in a sling but would start PT right away. This would be even more painful that what I’ve already been through but should produce better results—if I can endure it.

The other option would be to settle for a limited range of motion the rest of my life; an alternative that seems pretty good some days compared to the agony of another surgery and more therapy.

For over two years now I’ve lived with pain of varying degrees, from annoying to almost dead. Still, life is a gift to be opened and enjoyed each new day—suffering and all.

3 thoughts on “Another Surgery???

  1. You were never very good with that arm anyway. Keep working on it yourself!! You don’t need to go into another hospital unless you really need too. Why take that risk or are you planning on becoming a proffessional athlete in your older years.

  2. Bummer about maybe having another surgery! I had really intensive therapy after my surgery. It was SO PAINFUL!!! but the range of motion eventually came back even with working through some scar tissue stuff!

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