Most Enjoyable

In his insightful little book, A Pocket Mirror for Heroes, Baltasar Gracian writes,

“There are four ways to know much: live for many years, travel through many lands, read many good books, which is easiest, and converse with wise friends, which is most enjoyable.”

I just got back from a “most enjoyable” time:

  • I’m still alive 28 months after being diagnosed with cancer;
  • I traveled to Portland, Oregon;
  • I read a good book, and best of all;
  • I spent time with wise and wonderful friends.

Lots of laughter

These fine folks are friends Susan and I made during the nine years we lived in Portland. Some we hadn’t seen in years but we all picked up where we’d left off in the 1980s.

All of the men looked older; none of the women did. The voices sounded the same; some of us had to lean a little closer to hear, though. We had our separate histories to catch up on but quickly reverted to our shared heritage. We reminisced about the good ol’ days, which like a fine wine taste better with age.

If you have such friends you are blessed indeed, as am I.

Technical note: The new template I tried a few weeks ago had some bugs in it so I’ve reverted to a simpler, more stable design for now. Sorry for any inconvenience.


One thought on “Most Enjoyable

  1. Hey, Mike —
    I am very glad for the blessing you had while here in town! And I am sorry to have only been able to see you for that brief moment on Sunday. Please don’t give up on me. If you are in PDX again, let me know. I would love to have that coffee!
    — KC

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