Not So Minor

“I learned a long time ago that minor surgery
is when they do the operation on someone else,
not you.” – Bill Walton

Another surgery tomorrow on the same shoulder as six months ago, this time to scrape out excessive scar tissue. It’s done with an arthroscopic scalpel but involves a larger area than the initial operation to repair my rotator cuff and torn biceps.

Physical therapy starts the next day to keep the scar tissue from growing back. I AM NOT looking forward to going through it all again at a more intense level: sharp pain, nights in the recliner, aggressive physical therapy. Hopefully I won’t have the same stomach issues.

But I AM looking forward to regaining full motion with my right arm; the better to play with my grandkids and to resume dancing lessons with Susan next year. Look for our new reality show: Dancing with the Scars!


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