Nerve Block

My sixth trip back from the operating room found me sporting a new piece of equipment—a nerve block catheter. As I type this left-handed my right hand is asleep on my lap. When I stand, it hangs by my side like a three-foot kielbasa sausage.

nerve block catheter

The blocking agent is a drug called ropivacaine. So far it’s working pretty well. It definitely blocks out the pain, along with all other sensation, which is comforting. What is ominous is why they chose to use it this time. Dr. Weinstein did a lot of cutting and scraping and I suppose my shoulder will be doing a lot of moaning and groaning about it.

Especially when I start physical therapy this afternoon. Since a lot of scar tissue built up after my first surgery we don’t want that to happen again. This more aggressive approach means more pain but more mobility in the end.

Tomorrow is a new day. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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