The Weinstein Report

I saw Dr. Weinstein for the first time since my shoulder surgery five weeks ago. Progress is slow but he thinks I’ll gain more mobility over the next 4-6 months of physical therapy. I’ve used up all the PT my insurance will cover and he graciously said his staff will see me for free until my new plan starts in February.

I’ve been going to PT—usually twice a week—and doing stretching exercises at home—usually twice a day—for over a year now. It’s gotten very old. Having someone crank your body where it doesn’t want to go is an unpleasant experience. It is made tolerable by the winsome personality of the dungeon master, Dave. He says he doesn’t like to hurt me but he usually has a smile on his face when I have tears in my eyes.

The scar tissue seems to be building up as fast as before and I’m not sure how much benefit I’ll realize from the second surgery. (I am daily aware of the cost, though.) Whatever range of motion I end up with will have to suffice. I will not do another surgery.

Best case scenario: I’d like to be able to lift my right arm high enough to resume ballroom dancing lessons.


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