Drink la kayim, to Life!

Middle age hasn’t been kind to me in many ways. In my late forties, spiritual questions finally undermined the vocation I had pursued since my teens. I switched careers and became a full-time writer, which has been personally rewarding but financially ridiculous.

Cancer came calling when I was fifty-five, followed by months of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. A car crash eight weeks later resulted in serious injuries, two subsequent surgeries and ongoing pain and suffering.

Not a path I would have chosen—a moot point since I wasn’t consulted on the matter. Still, I choose to raise my glass at the end of 2010 and drink to life with Tevye and his friends:

Life has a way of confusing us,
blessing and bruising us,
Drink la kayim, to life!

God would like us to be joyful,
even when our hearts lie panting on the floor.
How much more can we be joyful,
when there’s really something to be joyful for?
To life, to life,
la kayim!

To us and our good fortune!
Be happy, be healthy, long life!
And if our good fortune never comes,
here’s to whatever comes
Drink la kayim, to life!

– Fiddler on the Roof


One thought on “Drink la kayim, to Life!

  1. You have suffered enough…. I pray that 2011 will be a spectacular year for you, physically, spiritually and financially !!!

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