The Habit

Writers and chain smokers share a common habit; we have to start our next project before the current one is done. I’ve begun my next book even as I shepherd the one I’ve just written to press. It’s called Stumbling Toward Heaven: Cancer, Crashes and Questions.

The title comes from my blog, as does much of the material. In fact I did the blog as a discipline to get my thoughts and experiences into words while they were fresh. I wanted to document my journey in real time and not have to reconstruct it from memory. We don’t remember pain, just its echo, so the best recordings of it are made live.

Stumbling Toward Heaven should be available on Amazon in March. I hope you’ll buy a copy and recommend it to friends who are facing physical or spiritual challenges. Your support will help me sustain another nagging habit I’ve picked up over the years—eating.

The germ idea of my new book is the difference between faith and hope. As my faith has wavered under close scrutiny these past years I’ve come to lean more heavily on hope. I’m not alone in this regard. Many have questioned or abandoned the faith of their youth but are reluctant to lose hope.

Faith requires more content and is vulnerable to new revelations. Hope is more tenacious and can better survive adverse conditions. Faith can be summarized in creeds. Hope is not so easily encapsulated. The book will explore these and other aspects that I believe can have a profound impact on how we think and live.

I also have three children’s books I’d like to get published in 2011. And I’m always looking for a unique plot for an adult novel. Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “The Habit

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your new book! I continue to pray for you. You have been a good influence on me, watching your perserverance throughout your ordeal with sickness. I love you brother-in-law, Linda

  2. “The ‘C’ word typically evokes ‘F’ words: Fear, Flight, Fate, Freak, or Failure – from sufferers, families and friends alike. In Stumbling Toward Heaven, Mike Hamel rises above it all with an incredibly useful and unique approach; he’s funny – and I mean really funny. Mike is a fabulous storyteller – capturing the essence of how one of life’s many tragic realities cause us to re-examine the frailties of our faith. You don’t have to be afflicted or affected by cancer to derive practical benefits from this book. The occurrence of the unexpected is an experience we all share in this life. It takes a gifted writer like Mike Hamel to help us make sense of it all…and have some laughs along the way. Prescription: Buy This Book!

    Bill Dahl
    Author, Creator, Editor
    The Porpoise Diving Life(.com)

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