Book Work

Didn’t get anything posted last week: Low energy due to a month of chemo and a cold due to a compromised immune system. No more weapons grade pharmaceuticals until July, though. Hooray!

I’ve been working on getting my book to press. The manuscript is off to the layout person and I’m meeting with Dave to do the cover on Tuesday. I’ve also been collecting endorsements from friends and professionals. I’ll start posting them to whet your appetite. (And to fill space.)

Here’s one from the doctor who did my stem cell transplant:

“Mike Hamel nobly dealt with lymphoma that rapidly recurred and required a stem cell transplant to attain a remission. As he was recovering he was in a serious auto accident. He has persevered through difficulties that would destroy the faith of most people and is now even more thoughtful and gracious. We can all learn from his incredible struggles and triumphs.” —Dr. Mark Brunvand, MD Hematologist / Oncologist

(Learn not to get cancer or crash into things!)

Also, check out the new photos on Flickr. I have some seriously cute grand kids.

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