It’s Here!

Get your copy of Stumbling Toward Heaven: Cancer, Crashes and Questions today. If you have already read an advance copy, consider posting a review on Amazon. Here’s the first one, posted by my friend, David.

“Have you ever reached a point when life got so hard that God seemed to disappear? St. John of the Cross called it the ‘dark night of the soul.’ Only it doesn’t usually last a night. It can last for weeks, months, even years. When it’s over, we rediscover the good news that God isn’t disillusioned with us. He never had any illusions to begin with. I applaud my good friend Mike Hamel for telling his story as is, in motion, with honesty and humor. I only wish more of us could do the same.” —David Sanford, author of If God Disappears

Or you can get an autographed copy at the same price ($20 + $3 postage) by emailing me at It will take a little longer since my books haven’t arrived yet, but your copy will be personalized.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Here!

  1. Dear Mike,
    Jody and I were talking about you this evening and I thought I would look you up.
    In reading your blog, it reminds me of my own struggle with God and my Christian faith where I got to the point of giving up entirely. I was so despairing that I went out and jumped in my Jeep looking for a cliff to drive off. And God met me in a very personal and even comedic way that evening.
    In the days that followed, the Lord spoke powerfully to me. It was personal and very real. He started off by showing me Paul’s own struggle in 2nd Corinthians 1 and how he ultimately had to trust in Him who raises the dead.
    But I also found I had much to repent of before Him. I had presumed on Him in many ways, accused Him of child abuse and failed to wait on Him. It was ultimately in my repentance that I again began to see His goodness and love.
    He is real Mike. To recall Schaeffer, He is there and He is not silent. The struggles you have gone through are certainly different than what we have had to bear up under. We have been accused of child abuse, felt we had to flee for our lives with our many children, seen all our wealth and home be taken from medical and legal expenses for our kids, been lied about, stolen from by Christian leaders, betrayed by Christian leaders, and found that we have little in common with today’s churches. But Jesus has remained faithful to us as we continue to trust Him and be directed by Him in ministry.
    I too had felt He was very distant and unapproachable.
    When I was unfaithful, He remained faithful to me.
    I also learned there is great gain in suffering, both in my own faith and for the kingdom of God.
    Brother, you need to be very careful with this you speak of. This is a time you too need to repent from the things you have written here and thought. You need to take your struggle back to the Lord and ask Him to show Himself to you and not write about this in ways that will cause others to stumble. For me, it began in one evening and took weeks and months for me to begin to again trust. But trust I do!!!
    You were a very gifted teacher when we were in your home flock in the early 80s. I have no doubt you have remained so since. But you need to stop and consider what the hell it is you are doing here brother. Who’s talking to you and why are you listening?
    We do have a great and personal God.
    Please give Susan our warmest greetings. And the same for you also.
    Until the shout! Kevin Haislip 972 800-0307
    P.S. I would be delighted to send you the story of what God did on that evening drive.

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