Live On

The swelling in my neck turns out to be the parotid gland and not a lymph node, which means my lymphoma hasn’t returned. My oncologist has no idea what’s causing the pain and numbness but it’s not cancer.

The CT scan revealed, “no suspicious cervical, pelvic, supraclavicular axilary, or medastinal lymphadenopaty.” The full body scan also showed my major organs and arteries to be in good shape. One negative is that my spine shows some degeneration, probably due to my accident.

Thanks for the prayers and support. Looks like I’ll stay in the “survivor” category a while longer.

“Someone once asked me if my dream was
to live on in the hearts of people, and I said
I would like to live on in my apartment.”
—Woody Allen

3 thoughts on “Live On

  1. Hurrah! We have been praying and holding our breath. We do thank the Lord for such good news, Mike. Love, Mom and Dad

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