Spirit and Brain

Most people believe they have a material body and an immaterial spirit. (Only 12% of Americans are atheists.) I won’t go into whether the immaterial part can be subdivided into soul and spirit but will focus on the larger question of whether humans are more than bodies, which is what I think.

If the spirit exists, why haven’t doctors and scientists found it? Because science is limited to studying the physical world with the five senses. It’s as likely to see the spirit as it is to smell the speed of light.

Something without substance won’t register on an EEG, CT, MRI or other scan. To find the immaterial you have to look for its influence upon the material, like “seeing” the wind in the swaying trees. Some neurologists claim to have found the exact spot where the spirit sways the body.

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One thought on “Spirit and Brain

  1. Good stuff…I stumbled upon your site today. We’re in the same club. I’m a stage III NSCLC survivor of 3 years now living every day and making it extraordinary in the process. Connection with friends and family are first and foremost. Everything else is a bonus…Have just begun to read through your blog but what I’ve seen I like. Keep it up. All good. The world needs to be made more aware of the epidemic we find ourselves in the midst of. It’s not a death sentence but it can get in the way. Best, Randy

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