Middle Age

“We reach middle age with a better understanding of what life is about, and we don’t have time for the extraneous nonsense. We know who we are and what will make us happy.

Once we have learned this lesson, we would not trade it for our youth again. There is a comfort in this wisdom and in the recollection that youth is many things, not all of them easy. It may be the age of innocence but it is also the age of ignorance. It is the age of beauty; it is also the age of painful self-consciousness. It is often the age of adventure and, just as often, the age of stupidity.

For many the dreams of youth become the regrets of the old, not because life is over but because it was unlived.” —Life Lessons by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and David Kessler


3 thoughts on “Middle Age

  1. Hi Mike. This is wisdom that I didn’t realize was so wise when I wasn’t very wise, but thought I was….about 30 years ago. Thanks for posting. “I press on to the goal……” Barry

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