Institute for Justice

I spent the weekend in DC where I participated in a conference sponsored by the Institute for Justice (IJ), the organization behind the lawsuit seeking to change the law governing bone marrow donations.

The Institute for Justice sounds like a league of super heroes. It’s actually a cadre of incredibly committed people who do heroic things on behalf of ordinary people like me. I am a plaintiff in the suit to update the National Organ Transplant Act NOTA). The law erroneously classifies bone marrow as a solid organ and not as the renewable blood product it really is. This restricts some approaches to recruiting donors.

If we can change the law, More Marrow Donors, of which I am a founding board member, will launch a pilot program to see if financial compensation would increase the number of donors. More donors mean fewer people will die because they can’t find a suitable match.

My hat’s off to these legal eagles for tackling hard cases to protect common citizens from their sometimes over-reaching government. Learn more about IJ and their current cases at

You don’t have to wait for the law to change to become a bone marrow donor. Learn how easy it is to save a life at Be The Match.


3 thoughts on “Institute for Justice

  1. Thanks Mike – I will try for next Thurs aboubt 10 but will email first. If that won’t work for you let me know.


  2. My name is Wes Metzler. I live here in Colorado Springs and have been battling myelofibrosis of the bone marrow since 2007.

    My wife and I have read and greatly enjoyed your book. If you would feel up to it and have the time we would like to get together for a cup of coffee sometime.


    1. I’d love to, Wes. I spend most mornings at Agia Sophia’s in Old Colorado City (29th & Colo. Blvd). Why not come by some day? Email first, though, to make sure I’ll be there (



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