Memorial Health Spa

Today is the first of my four summer appointments at the Memorial Health Spa, aka Chemo Clinic.

Memorial Heamth Spa

My day starts with a blood test to make sure I’m healthy enough for the planned festivities. Next come Benadryl and Ativan in a preemptive strike against nausea. A saline drip is started to keep me hydrated.

The main course is the wonder drug Rituxan. Rituxan and I have met before—17 times, but who’s counting. The drug is given slowly over several hours, leaving me free to try and get a normal day’s writing done.

Chemo and Computer

What distinguishes chemotherapy from other drug treatments are toxicity and volume. Chemo drugs don’t restore, they destroy. And they aren’t administered in pill form or syringes. They come in bags!

Hanging the Bag

Not your idea of a health spa?

  • the treatment is ridiculously expensive,
  • one is pampered by a highly trained staff,
  • one has a certain “glow” after treatment.

What’s not to like?

Especially when you consider the alternative!


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