Summer Reading

Check out the updated Matterhorn The Brave website. This series is the perfect antidote for the mid-summer blahs!

“I really love these books because of the semi-constant humor, and the characters are very well made. I am collecting the books, so I think I will wait for the last two to come out.” – Aaron Swingle (14 years old)

“Hi, it is me Michael Hauffe, an 11 year old boy and I love the Matterhorn series. Somebody should make a Matterhorn movie!!!!!! I’m on book 8 and I wish there were more. Thank you.”

“I will friend you on Facebook; that would be so awesome. Are there any plans on your book being a movie or TV show, video game? There’s a ton of fans over here that wanted to know. And thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk to a fan.” – Jeremiah Paul Song



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