New Cancer

My new cancer has arrived wrapped in a mystery. I have squamous cell carcinoma in the lymph node below my left ear. The tumor isn’t caused by lymphoma, which is good. But squamous cell carcinoma is a skin cancer, which means it came from somewhere else. My recent PET scan showed I am cancer-free except this one spot, hence the mystery.

My own theory is that it’s a brain tumor that got lost.

I will have more tests to search for the source and surgery on September 2 to remove the lymph node and parotid gland. Follow up may include radiation and chemo.

People who have had extensive chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant are at higher risk for opportunistic cancers because of a weakened immune system. My immune system has been suppressed for two years.

I’m not looking forward to surgery on my neck but don’t have a lot of options. Details to follow as I get them. Thanks for your love and prayers.

One thought on “New Cancer

  1. Mike,

    You have me beat by a long shot. You can stop now. Still praying for you and your wonderful wife. I toss some in for the kids, grand kids, in-laws, and outlaws Great Grandpas and Grandmas too. Sisters and brothers cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Did I leave anyone out? Tell your wonderful wife she’s a pretty terrific sister to. Thanks for keeping us up to speed. How about some good news for a change! Love you! Linda

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