The Best People

While in the waiting room before my radiation treatment I picked up a copy of Colorado Springs Style magazine. The cover story was about the best doctors in town and my oncologist (Dax Kurbeguv) and radiation oncologist (Mark Hazuka) were both featured, as was the surgeon who did my port surgeries (Larry Dillon). It’s wonderful to be in such capable hands.

Dr Mark Hazuka
Dr Mark Hazuka

I’ve found the same quality of people throughout the Memorial Health System, from receptionists and social workers to nurses and technicians. They are highly competent and genuinely concerned professionals, which I greatly appreciate since they are helping to keep me around.

Erica and Kim
Erica and Kim

My all-time champion caregiver is Susan. She has been a life-saver for me and countless others over the years. I was reminded of this at the recent Life Network Gala. Susan has been working with this sanctity of life ministry for 15 years and has been the Director of the Pregnancy Center since 2002. This past year the Center saw almost 8,000 clients and 251 babies were born as a result who otherwise might not be alive today.

I am so proud of Susan and the work she does every day. She’s uniquely called and gifted to help people in crisis—especially her husband.

Susan and Mike
Susan and Mike

3 thoughts on “The Best People

  1. I always knew Dr. Dax was the best! I’m not familiar with Dr. Hazuka, since Dr. Ridings was my radiation oncologist. And it’s really great to see Erica and Kim. They are such great people!

  2. Mom, here! Thank you, Mike, for your words about our Susan. She has always been special since the day she came into our family in Mumbai. Willing to learn, willing to give of herself to others, loving the Lord Jesus. A joy to her Mom and Dad every day. We thank God for her and for you, too. Love, Mom

  3. Susan, has been a life saver to many of those in our family who need her special talents of organization. Mom would have never been able to pack for our last move without her. Mom finds it very hard to down size and Susan has been her champion in that area also. She was also kind enough to help Sarah and I find an apt. and a way for us to afford to rent it. I admire my dear sister more than I have words to say and thank the Lord for the many talents he has given her. She will have many jewels in her crown in heaven. You have a keeper Mike. 🙂

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