The Mask

Radiation Mask
Radiation Mask - Mike Hamel

Tomo Therapy radiation requires the victim, er, I mean, patient, to lie perfectly still for about 20 minutes. To achieve this, a body mold is cast from the waist up. The hostage, er, I mean, patient, is put in this mold for each treatment.

For head and neck radiation, the head must be completely immobilized. A form-fitting mask is cast for each mark, er, I mean, patient, and clamped down to the table, which is then pulled into the CT/radiation machine.

Radiation Mask 2
Radiation Mask 2 - Mike Hamel

This experience is not for the claustrophobic. Fortunately it is painless at the time and the side effects aren’t felt by the patsy, er, I mean, patient, until later in the cycle, which in my case is 33 treatments.

I wonder if they’ll let me take my mask home for Halloween.

One thought on “The Mask

  1. I can’t imagine how this must feel. In my cancer support group, I met a woman who had to have a similar mask. She took it home and set it on fire after she was finished with radiation.

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