Drinking Downriver

The aftereffects of chemo are like “drinking downriver from the herd,” as Kinky Friedman would say. There’s a lot of crap involved.

Chemo leaves a bad taste in the mouth that feels like a filmy coating of dead cells. Nothing tastes good. Dry mouth from radiation doesn’t help. My stomach is usually queasy and doesn’t appreciate visitors, which is why I’m down to 143 pounds. Then there’s the fatigue and sleep deprivation . . .

On the upside, chemo is done for now and radiation ends Wednesday. My CBC (Complete Blood Count) shows no improvement and my white count continues to decline; it will take time to climb back into the normal range. (I know; since when have I been normal?)

I’m looking forward to the Holidays and am very thankful for the treatment I’ve received and the wonderful people who walked me through it. It wasn’t pleasant but drinking downriver is a small price to pay for staying topside a while longer.

“If you woke up breathing, congratulations!
You have another chance!”
Andrea Boydston


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