The Other Woman

Sophia is the other woman in my life. I’ve been going to her place for several years now. It’s okay; my wife knows.

Sophia is the goddess of wisdom, which is what her name means in Greek. She’s the consort of philosophers, prophets, mystics, musicians, wordsmiths and writers. She’s also the namesake of Agia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) a coffeehouse-bookstore in Old Colorado City run by Holy Theophany Orthodox Church.

Agia Sophia's
Agia Sophia's in Old Colorado City

I spend most mornings at the table in the Ethiopia Room. It’s upstairs by the window and commands a spectacular view of Pikes Peak. In the summer I sit outside and enjoy the same view from 15-feet lower. I’ve written a few books here, one page and one cup of French Press coffee at a time. I hope to write several more.


Most writers need their own place to work: a room that requires discipline and rewards effort; a space that signals the brain and body it’s time to go to work; an environment that encourages the imagination to come out and play; an atmosphere that allows dreams to become corporeal.

Sophia isn’t a jealous muse. She knows I have a home office and write in other coffee shops on occasion. But she also knows she inspires my best stuff.

Mike Hamel
The Daily Grind

There are other vocations and temperaments that need a holy (set apart) place in which to take root and flourish. If you’ve found yours, you are blessed. If you haven’t, keep looking.

3 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. I agree. Every coffee shop has its own personality; I can work and write wonderfully in some, but in others, there just isn’t the right vibe.

    If I lived in the Springs, I’d definitely be at Sophia’s more frequently. (But maybe that’s a good thing because their mochas are amazing! 🙂 )

  2. Ah, so this is where you do your best thinking. The Other Woman reminds me of my college days where on weekends, I would drive across town to study in a tiny, university library cublicle. I would get tons done with no distractions. Fast forward and I don’t manage my time well. I am in need of blinders.

  3. Ah, Sophia! I’ve only been there once for a writers’ meeting, but I loved it. I had no idea who runs it. Interesting!

    Good for you in keeping up your writing, even with all you’re going through. Could you send a little motivation my way?

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