Clip Show

Here it is; the inevitable year-end clip show. I’ve culled a dozen pithy phrases from my 2011 postings that bear repeating. And you can quote me on that!

Pain does not exist until we feel it in our brains. How we choose to process it with our minds is the single most important factor in determining its impact.

The purpose of existence is extension.
We are to do more than consume; we are to create!

Build on what you’ve learned, don’t rest on it. What you know today can make a good foundation for life, but it’s a lousy ceiling.

When cranking at full capacity the brain uses enough energy to light a 25-watt bulb. Not a lot of candle power with which to contemplate the Creator.
If we kept our puny physiology in mind
we wouldn’t be so smug about doctrines and dogma.

Faith and works have a symbiotic relationship that remains healthy only by remembering which one is the host.

The aftereffects of chemo are like “drinking downriver from the herd,” as Kinky Friedman would say. There’s a lot of crap involved.

I have a deep respect for oncologists. Most of us have great difficulty facing the Grim Reaper once; imagine a vocation where
he’s your daily sparring partner!

You spend 20 times more hours in your bed than in your car;
how much have you spent on each?

Perhaps pleasure is to life what poetry is to prose and implies an artist who creates for the sheer joy of sharing.

Slippery slopes don’t only run downward; they’re also the routes to higher vistas and breathtaking panoramas.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—until something stronger kills you. In the mean time: cherish your family, enjoy old friends, make new ones, seek God and pray he finds you.

Life is a serrated range, not a single peak. The best you can do is keep moving, enjoy the scenery, aim for the passes, avoid wildlife that weighs more than you, and never travel alone.


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