Shooting Pigeons

Hundreds of people have prayed for me over the last four years, for which I am extremely grateful. In stark contrast, I find myself praying for very few people on a regular basis—even myself.

This disability stems from my frustration with prayer. I realize no one understands how it works, but my questions dissipate any confidence that my words and groanings will make a difference, and the Bible is clear that faith is a prerequisite to effective prayer. I suffer from the James Paradox.

While prayer is good for the “pray-er,” I suspect it seldom changes the immediate circumstances of the “pray-ee” or moves God to do something he wasn’t already planning. Hence my problem with supplication.

Prayer should be an intimate conversation with God about what he’s doing in the world. But when I pray it’s more like a monologue with me stating the obvious and hearing nothing but an echo in return. I realize the problem is with my equipment. It’s like a deep space antenna with so much pigeon poop on the dish it can’t receive a clear signal.

I purpose to spend more time shooting pigeons this year; hopefully it will improve my ability to detect the movement of a Dove.


One thought on “Shooting Pigeons

  1. My problem with prayer is the “pray without ceasing” part. God doesn’t forget so why repeat prayer unless you’ve thought of something else to say? Kind of a “Oh yeah, about so-in-so I’d like to add.” I tend to pray for my needs once, people who ask me to pray for them are prayed for right then. ( My memory is a short one.) If I know someone is ill or fighting for life I pray for them as I get updates. (Those prayers are the “Oh yeah, about so-and-so I’d like to add”, prayers.) My “pray without ceasing” prayers are the ones I pray for myself. The “please help me not to eat that” prayers.

    I believe that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” applys more to “The Powers That Be” who said you’d have their answer 3 weeks ago or “yes we sent the check last Thursday, let me email the dispersal department and see where things might have gone wrong, we’ll contact you when we have an answer. 😦 I try to squeak politely, But it ain’t easy!!!!!

    (Please excuse my grammar. That was one of the memories I lost along the way.)

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