Ken Burns and the Lake of Fire

In the last few years I’ve shifted from an orthodox understanding of hell to some form of universalism, but Ken Burns has given me more to think about. His documentaries like The West, The War and The Civil War strip the veneer off civilization and expose the depths of human depravity in gory detail. Not just the reprobate deeds of twisted tyrants but the systemic sinfulness of whole societies.

The War - Ken Burns

How is the wickedness not dealt with in this life addressed in the next? What about the defiant criminal nature? Or those miscreants who don’t want to be forgiven? Will there be a reclamation process that overcomes recalcitrance and morphs all sinners into saints?

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(I hope this is my last post from the oncology clinic; 30 rounds of chemo should be enough for one lifetime.)


One thought on “Ken Burns and the Lake of Fire

  1. Eph 5 says that we will be presented spotless and blameless….but we don’t die that way. That suggests that something happens after the body dies. I believe we will be stripped of all the confusion and corruptions of the mind that has kept us from seeing the Truth and being set free by it. When my “filter” (veil) of life and God are gone, and I am face to face with the love of God I can respond with bowed knee, repenting of all that is an obstacle to my fully receiving the love of God. I will be fully, completely transformed by the love of God. We know for sure that the beast and false prophet don’t respond that way, but my guess is that most of humanity will.

    The enemy isn’t people, but rulers, powers, world forces of this darkness, spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Then end comes when He abolishes all this. Christ appeared for the purpose of destroying the works of the devil. Any carnal thought that is present when I die will be abolished. The opportunity of life is to remove all the chaff and dead stuff (old man) before I die and use this time to allow the fullness of God to live in me – store up treasures in Heaven. The more I am attached to my sin/wickedness, the more ripping/pain/torment there will be. Whatever I hang on to and is present when I die will cause weeping and gnashing of teeth – motivation to take care of business now!

    He desires all men to be saved…”My purpose will be established”, “As I have planned it, surely I will do it”. He has found a way! Trusting this: that “all will be made alive” has radically changed the way I live life and interact with people…even those most difficult people in my life – in my country – in my world. Only now does ‘be of good cheer – I have overcome the world’ make sense.

    This isn’t universalism. What I have read about Universalism doesn’t deal with the sin issue and portrays a sympathetic, weak God that couldn’t bear to destroy…there is no justice.

    Yes, I too, can trust God to separate the wheat from the chaff. I can trust Him to throw out all that is unredeemable. I won’t be picking through to see what is going into the Lake of Fire.

    Thanks for bringing this up, Mike – it’s my favourite subject!

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