Heaven on Earth

What comes to mind when you think about heaven? For most Evangelical Christians it’s another realm to which believers will be whisked away like rescued survivors, leaving the planet to crash and burn. But many theologians understand heaven to be an on-world transformation, not an off-world destination. The redeemed won’t be teleported to another dimension but will be physically resurrected on a New Earth restored to its intended glory.

“The New Testament says that when Christ does return, the dead will experience a whole new life: not just our soul, but our bodies. And finally, the location. At no point do the resurrection narratives in the four Gospels say, “Jesus has been raised, therefore we are all going to heaven.” It says that Christ is coming here, to join together the heavens and the Earth in an act of new creation.
… Never at any point do the Gospels or Paul say Jesus has been raised, therefore we are we are all going to heaven. They all say, Jesus is raised, therefore the new creation has begun, and we have a job to do.” – N. T. Wright

If this is true we should be passionately devoted to what will prepare us—and our world—for heaven later.

“What you believe about the future shapes, informs, and determines how you live now. If you believe that you’re going to leave and evacuate to somewhere else, then why do anything about this world? A proper view of heaven leads not to escape from the world, but to full engagement with it, all with the anticipation of a coming day when things are on earth as they currently are in heaven.” – Rob Bell

What are you currently doing that you will keep doing in heaven?

Me? I’m,

  • working on my communication skills
  • deepening relationships
  • caring for people
  • asking questions

4 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth

  1. The Best is Yet to Come

    I like how Randy Alcorn describes heaven: “No death, no suffering. No funeral homes, abortion clinics, or psychiatric wards. No rape, missing children, or drug rehabilitation centers. No bigotry, no muggings or killings. No worry or depression or economic downturns. No wars, no unemployment. No anguish over failure and miscommunication. No con men. No locks. No death. No mourning. No pain. No boredom.

    No arthritis, no handicaps, no cancer, no taxes, no bills, no computer crashes, no weeds, no bombs, no drunkenness, no traffic jams and accidents, no septic-tank backups. No mental illness. No unwanted e-mails.

    Close friendships but no cliques, laughter but no put-downs. Intimacy, but no temptation to immorality. No hidden agendas, no backroom deals, no betrayals.

    Imagine mealtimes full of stories, laughter and joy, without fear of insensitivity, inappropriate behavior, anger, gossip, lust, jealousy, hurt feelings, or anything that eclipses joy.

    That will be Heaven.”

  2. Found you by “accident” last night. I’m sorry you lost Susan. I came over to clean once, and she was having good and bad days then. Thanks for the info also. I have a friend, colleague, who just underwent this treatment – I did not know that bone marrow transplants are now called stem cell therapy. And thirdly, I am shocked but comforted at the same time by your struggles of faith. I went there…SBC, FBC, Grace & Truth…a square peg trying to fit in an arbitrary round hole. The only single parent, I used to hope that the elders would develop some policy before I no longer cared. I am built all-or-nothing, and finally, I tired of all the hurt. Even G. Verwer told me at LBC that mission-field Christians would not accept me, and at the time I was studying Greek at a seminary before I went to Metro classes. Anyway, I sincerely hope your treatments are successful, and that your health returns. Bless you and keep you safe…

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